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Nivel: Upper-Intermediate E.F.L. Students


The family is the building block of society. When marriages and families are healthy, communities thrive; when marriages break down, communities break down. It is said that marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. The popular belief is true to much extent, because it is a special bond shared between two souls, who tie the wedding knot after promising to be companions for a lifetime.

On the other hand, there are many opinions about singleness. There are some who assure that it is the best state in people´s life. Others affirm that Singleness is often portrayed as a carefree life of glamour and adventure… BUT, what state do you prefer????

TAREA After having read the text “I´LL MARRY YOU, BUT ONLY UNDER A FEW CONDITIONS” and seen the movie: “TOM CATS” where some funny, unbelievable and / or outrageous situations about being married or single are presented,

1. You are going to visit this web page: to find out the review of the movie and read it to have a more complete idea about what the movie was about.

2. Besides, you are going to browse some other web pages to look for information about marriage and singleness. (See the process) All this information will serve to you as an input for you to write some advantages or disadvantages. Thus, you must be ready...

3. To take part in a debate in which half of your classmates are in PRO, and the others AGAINTS marriage or singleness.

4. Since each group is made of ten students, five of the ones belonging to the “PRO team” must make a list of as many advantages as you can about being married; the other five must list as many disadvantages as you can think of about being single.

5. The “AGAINST team” must elaborate a list of advantages about being single and disadvantages about being married.

6. Next class, you are gathering together with your partners who share your same opinion or position in order for you to start preparing a debate about this HOT issue.

7. The next class, we will start with the debate where everybody must participate actively defending his / her position about marriage or singleness.


To complement the reading “I’LL MARRY YOU, BUT ONLY UNDER A FEW CONDITIONS” we did, and the movie “TOM CATS” we saw in our last previous classes:

1. You are going to visit the web pages listed here, or others of your preference to find the answer to the questions below:

2. Clicking on these links, you are going to listen to some people expressing their opinions about marriage, divorce, breaking-ups, lovers… Thus, you will have more judgment elements to support your ideas.

a. What is marriage?
b. What is singleness?
c. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being married?
d. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being single?

3. With the information you gathered, now you are ready to share it and contribute to your team enrichment for the debate about marriage or singleness.

4. Once you feel comfortable, we are starting with the debate.

5. If you need further information abut what a debate is or the likes, you are suggested to click on these links:


Although, the electronic addresses you have to explore are in the “task” and “procedure”sections, here you will find them for you to navigate and see what you can discover.

The word that I have to tell you is: have both an excellent browsing and excellent learning.



Take a look at the rubric given below.

These are the evaluation criteria that are going to be taken into account for your evaluation.


After having dealt with this topic from different perspectives, you were able to defend and support your position about an interesting issue based on your own knowledge and information coming from diverse sources.

Remember and do not forget that this was an activity whose purpose was to argument your “opinions”. But it does not mean that it was really your position before the topic we coped with.


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